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Our Mission: To promote and meet the needs of business and industry in the Colon area and to help create the best possible community in which to live, work and do business.

A Typical Colon Year in Summary


The first significant event of the year is usually the annual Abbott’s Close-up Convention, held on a Friday and Saturday in mid-March. Somewhere between sixty to eighty magicians crowd into the Abbott’s store on St. Joseph Street, where they will perform, compete, learn, and generally enjoy each other’s company. Call Greg Bordner at Abbott’s (269) 432-3235 or visit for more information.


Early in May, Abbott’s hosts their annual Hank Moorehouse Flea Market and Auction, at the Elementary school on the corner of State and Goodell. Sellers can get tables for a small price and buyers can get in for absolutely free. There’s a lot of great bargains and even more great fun. Visit for details.

Beginning Memorial Day weekend and ending Labor Day weekend, there are magic shows available every Saturday afternoon at Abbott’s store on St. Joseph Street (269) 432-3235. Call the store for times, costs, and to find out who will be performing.

In spite of the village’s small size, Colon’s Fourth of July celebration is second to none. There’s always a parade, always fantastic fireworks, and each of our three magic shops is likely to have something interesting to entice people into their doors.


The first Wednesday of August is when Abbott’s always kicks off their annual Get-Together, which will run almost non-stop until late Saturday night. Some of the greatest magicians in the world will lecture and perform throughout the days, and then put on a gala show every evening at the high school for the general public. Call Greg Bordner at Abbott’s (269) 432-3235 or visit for more information.

Christmas in Colon is a tradition usually held the first week in December. Sponsored and organized by the Colon Area Chamber of Commerce, virtually every business in the village participates, including of course our magic shops. In addition to the parade and visits by Santa, there’s usually a magic show scheduled and often walk-around magic.

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