Just a little bit about Colon, Michigan

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Our Mission: To promote and meet the needs of business and industry in the Colon area and to help create the best possible community in which to live, work and do business.

Founded in 1831 by Lorancie Schellhous.

The name of the town is derived from the punctuation mark. To quote from an 1831 letter, “Arrangements were made and a surveyor laid out the lots. When completed we wished to give it a name … could not find one to suit. Finally, I took up an old dictionary and the first word I put my eyes on was ‘colon’. Looking to see the definition … a mark of punctuation indicating a pause almost as long as that of a period, we called it Colon.”


Colon has four distinct seasons, with the warmest month being August, with an average high of 81°F and average low of 58°F, and the coldest month being January, with temperatures of 33°F for the average high and 10°F for the average low. Average rainfall is 36.1 inches and the average snowfall is 34.2 inches.


1970 Census-1176
1980 Census-1190
1990 Census-1224
2000 Census-1227
2010 Census-1173


Major Highways:
North South: U.S. 131,1-69
East-West: U.S. 12,I80-90, M-60, M-86 

Airline Service:

The nearest airport with passenger service is Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport. Six passenger carriers and fifteen freight carriers service the airport.

Approximate Mileage to:

Chicago – 150
Detroit – 150
Kalamazoo – 38
Battle Creek – 32
Grand Rapids – 90
Holland – 92
Lansing – 80
South Bend – 60

Colon Area Stats

Colon area 2000 census population is over 24,000 within a 12-mile radius.

Colon lies in the center of many small towns/rural villages – Sherwood, Burr Oak, Mendon, Leoni-das, Nottawa, Centreville, Bronson, Athens, and between 8 townships – Colon, Burr Oak, Nottawa, Mendon, Leonidas, Sherwood, Matteson, Bron­son.

The Village of Colon is 1 square mile in area and The township of Colon is 6 square miles.